Sunday, October 20, 2013


what have I been doing?  on stand by.
there was a little delay due to visa problems and last minute typhoon
but know its time
Woke up anxious this morning with whispers of doubt and worry. it finally settled in that what I've been anticipating is actually happening. almost as though I woke with the enemy at my bedside clouding my mind with unnecessary stress. Pity things and insecurities . As I drove to town the winds were  blowing in from Kona allowing the ocean to rest like plate glass. baby blue upon baby blue. The horizon separating the sky from the water by a slight shade of color. With both volcanos standing bold and naked without a single cloud to interfere. Like ancient monuments holding the morning sky. I don't think I've ever seen the valley lines so crisp. White water filled Ho'okipa's shore line with early risers scattered like little ants getting the last bit of the north swell. with the morning due glistening off the cane as the sun hit.  It took me leaving to truly appreciated my island home.  Its a humbling feeling knowing that I'm leaving for 1 year to serve instead of traveling for my own pleasure.

Preparation for uncertainty to leave what I know to exist among what I don’t. Coming to confirm that this life is for self. Not selfishness but selflessness. to better develop ones self to help be a value to others.Giving not to selfishness to the identity to what I create but by the innocence to self by what God intended.  Helping me come to understand that I may be given and blessed with opportunity if I do things on His terms. With Christ as my guide.