Sunday, June 22, 2014

transplanting rice by hand is now a lost Japanese tradition. where now most farming is done by machine and the Japanese cow is referred to as a tractor.  ARI  holds on to this tradition and a way to help build community. this practice of planting rice by hand is the way all participants do in their  home countries. Inspired by witness of many cultures as one and to understand the one important thing we all share. Food.
rice transplanting 2014

 Tokyo, suits and ties, smart phones, high heels, sardined in the middle of the busyness of underground traffic, lost in the order of the machine, but to simply ask  will surely stop to show you the way,  Japanese kindness shown to a foreigner is beyond hospitable.
Brody and Jacob: cousin and child hood friend came out to visit Tokyo
found small chapel while walking through Tokyo. needed a breather from the city and found a blessing.
Wheat: watched the wheat grow from seed, stomped repeatedly by foot on each row  in winter to allow the wheat to grow stronger  and thicker to produce a higher yield, fed it bio gas in spring when leaves became yellow lacking nitrogen and tended to the weeds day after day, and in summer it will turn brown and will be time to pull it from the ground. reaping the  harvest. 
camp fire songs
inspired by these people everyday, Grassroots