Saturday, February 22, 2014

deer donation

first ARI English bible camp

 bible camp


discussion around new bio gas project

contractor laying the foundation of new chapel

bio gas leak repair and covered structure

mongol bean sorting

 dinner in the country side (traditional Japanese  house with fire pit and rice straw ceiling)

Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Feeding animals, chopping wood, spreading compost and preparing the land. sitting around the warmth of the burning stove where we gather for WiFi and conversation. Coffee, Tea, and homemade meals made up according to season. 
Through undisturbed darkness I stop to quiet my mind. A motivating force blows through the trees surrounding me like an ambush. With the night sky holding its place as it always does, giving peace to whomever acknowledges.

 one of my favorite farm activities
Shige and Sam taking down the pile:
 to stay warm you must cut wood
egg makers
evening feeding 
Food processing: Mochi 
Montana brothers: swinging from the second story,
Jesse"s  older brother Jacob came out to ARI for a week