Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Is Africa, this is Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Laos This is Myanmar, Philippians, South America, Korea, this is North America Europe and Japan, this is ARI. Many but one, the marginalized, the discriminated, the down trodden, the burden backs.  An almost invisible school but a vision that is very clear. Grassroots of all nations living together as the Almighty intended, overcoming difference to overcome real world suffering. “That we may live together.” In hopes we may return to the ancient ways embracing simplicity and loving our creation. So all food may be free of all chemicals and pesticides, and ALL may eat and hunger will be no more.    
Many seeds have been going back in the ground. Teaching English class is newest challenge. Participants have arrived starting a new year and reminding again what ARI is all about. Trees begin to bloom and ground crawls with earthly creatures, submerging with the changing of the seasons. Snow turns to spring rain and the sounds of the fields in the day and the patties at night are filled with many.  

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