Thursday, November 7, 2013

ARI introduction

Reflection in the morning haze.  Thrown into the  daily schedule of exercise, meals, sowing ,harvesting , threshing, sorting, introductions of who and where you came from, prayer meetings and community events, attending church by bicycle, and of course rest. I’m finally adjusting and now it’s becoming an enjoyable routine and part of life. One thing I admire and appreciate is seeing the process of our food grown organically, harvested, cooked and served with everyone doing his or her part.
Joining hands from all over the world.


sweet potato harvest : almost 1 ton
Sam harvesting soybeans: my first two weeks was both white and black soybean harvesting, threshing, sorting and drying
pumpkin patch: we harvested monster pumpkins over the kg. package description
checking weekly schedule

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