Saturday, November 23, 2013

typical day at ARI

Every day begins with the first light creeping through the curtains, a kind reminder it’s time to wake. As I exit outside the first breathe is filled with the aroma of pigs and morning dew, with the suns face peeking over the horizon greeting me to a new day.  My body is instantly woken by the cold air with warm breath becoming vapor with every exhale. The ARI community gathers like zombies from a deep slumber to join in on morning exercise. The sound of Japan radio is broadcasted with no understanding what is said with the sound of music guiding us through a motion of stretches. Than a prayer is said and everyone separate’s to begin there morning assignment. This month I’m put into meal service with not much cooking experience, close to nothing. Holding my composer by pretending like I know what I’m doing and following my gut instinct. My cousin once told me your cooking is only as good as your imagination. Most days my cooking is experiments thinking like mad scientist. After breakfast is a time of listening and reflection called morning gathering.  One person is set as chairperson out of the community in a daily rotation for every day. Morning gathering consist of moment of music where hymns are sung or music is shared depending on chair persons style and choice. Than he or she shares to the group of his or her testimony or whatever is placed on his or her heart in “ARI English”. Than my midmornings and afternoons consist of working in crops and vegetables where I feel more comfortable and suitable, where I’m free get as dirty as I please. Than after a shower at 5:00 pm I’m put back into the kitchen for dinner where I try desperately to hold my weight and learn as much as I can, in hopes cooking may become enjoyable. Than the day slows down finishing with sleep.

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