Thursday, November 28, 2013

first fall

Standing among giants
In awe of their poise and stilled stance
Aged skin a spiraling grain, dressed in green velvet
Their crown of golden yellow begin to fall blanketing the ground
Revealing their raw nakedness
Their arms stretched out to the sky as if yawning for a 4 month sleep
Quietly there, with no need for a sound of a single word
Admiring the sight of silence  
Standing among giants

Day of Thanksgiving
I continue to think and pray for those who helped make this happen
Thank you all for your support

1 comment:

  1. Aloha Sean!!!!

    Just found this site, Looks cold in those photo! A Cup of Cold Water has been busy a work....slowly, will be a marathon for it all ministries for the poor and downtrodden. Ka Ohana kitchen is a good example of an enduring shared ministry....How's the soil over there, i can;t imagine anything growing in that cold, but hey lucky live Hawaii.

    Godspeed and remember: Man does not have a soul, Man is a soul with a very temporary body ( CS Lewis )

    You Dad and Mom continue to be a big help with all things Jesus related ( no surprises there)...... the Van is parked in Wailuku Heights now ( less gas)....

    We miss seeing u at the church......but right now, you have urgent spiritual matters to attend to in Japan...

    In Yashua,

    Uncle Keku & Aunt Cindy Akana